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Terms & Conditions


1. Preamble:

We will not accept any proposals from any individual or corporation, guilty of discrimination by nationality and neither work for such, who are employing or exploiting children.

If you conduct business with us, you agree with this terms & conditions.

2. Project:

A project is a work load, CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET is undertaking in your behalf. Projects might be timed or fixed or a mixture of both.

2.1.Timed Project:

CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET will undertake work for you for a set period of time agreed on, Independent of the work load involved.

2.2. Fixed Project:

Is a project, where the price is bound to the product/service, independent of the time frame used. With all projects you will be required to observe the progress and quality during the project cycle. We will provide detailed information to it in each contract for a project.

3. Details/Changes/Removes/Reclamation/Errors

All details; change - /add - / remove - requests, data for entry, layouts, table data must be submitted electronically. Submissions verbal or on paper will not be accepted. This could be per email or ms word documents, attachments in emails and similar. Add/change /remove remove requests via messenger are not valid and therefore not accepted.

If you request wrong entries, which at a later stage appear to to be incomplete or wrong and we need to apply changes on your behalf, a surcharge for those kind of activities might be added. Such requests might lead to a delay in the completion of your project(s), which you have to accept. Should you notice any errors during in our design/data entry period, you must inform us immediately.

4. Finalized Project

A project is finished, when you and CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ agree on or the product/service is clearly in a quality manner delivered or the agreed time frame is over.

5. Refunds:

Any payment tmade o CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET are none-refundable. This includes advances, meetings, down payments and final payments as well as any other, none-listed name or meaning. Payment refundable will be only credited to your account within our company and can be used to pay for other services.

6. Cancellations

You can cancel any service at any given time. There are no "minimum terms". Existing contracts will not be silently renewed, so it your duty, to deal a new term with us. We will however inform you, when a term is about to expire and remind you about.

In case of cancellation, all outstanding payments are due immediately. Contract prices might be recalculated to reflect the shorter term and you might not be entitled to all the financial discounts, you had. Any service will not be automatically renewed. You will be notified, when a service about to expire well ahead, so you have the opportunity, to renew or cancel any service.

7. Third party software:

If software requires a software basis already, we will advise and demonstrate, but we will not support this software as part of the agreement. Underlying software is your responsibility. If you like us, to support an underlying software, you and CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET need to reach a written agreement about this and the extend.

CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET will provide you with a support/warranty during the initial period of use free of charge. This initial period can be extended to favorable conditions.

8. Payments:

All contact from you to us does occur on your own will. Should you decide to buy a service of us, all services (products) do remain our property, until full payment to us (CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET ) is cleared. We do accept Payments via:

Please see Payments for details.

Payment details will be specified when we agree on a project. All payments are due at the terms and times set and must be finalized at delivery of the product, but not later than 7 calendar days after. Possible costs of money transfers are your side.

A deposit of at least 50% might be required (subject to status) For Payments outside this time frame, we might exclude from our privacy policy and or using different methods and means to obtain payment and add late fees. All expenses for such action are o customers side.

In such cases, all documents, information and all materials, we might have obtained are our property, which we will utilize to recover payments. The invoice amount will still remain due, including various surcharges but not limited for possible travel, legal and collection costs. We will from time to remind the debtor, so that they aware, that we still intend and will collect the outstanding sum

9. Responsibility:

Due to the nature of software’s, we will not be responsible for any loss off business, income, opportunity towards you or any anyone else using it. CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET also will not provide services like warranty or upgrades to any third party, which might be using your product/service, which is given to or used by any third party, unless, we have agreed so in writing.

10. Quotations

All quotations might be subject to change, as long no contract is fixed and unless otherwise stated valid for 14 days.

11. Validity

This here and current published terms and conditions are valid. We will reserve the right to change our terms and conditions at any given time. For a projects life cycle, we will provide you with a signed copy, which will be bound to this project, which will over rule the current published version. Before you enter with us in a contract, you have to declare us, that your terms and conditions will be secondary to the terms and conditions of CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET . If you fail to inform us, all agreements between you and CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET are NILL.

In order to supersede your terms & conations against CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET, you must have a written agreement of us.

As CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET is a Vietnamese based and founded company, Vietnamese Law shall apply if CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET has to defend itself against legal proceedings.

12. Final:

If you cannot agree to our terms and condition or cannot reach any other with us, you cannot do business with CÔNG TY TNHH IT BIZZ.NET.

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