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In todays fast pacing world, a reliable, own IT department is a dream especially for most of the smaller enterprises, SMBs, organizations and private persons.

Costs for specialists are rising, while it's more and more challenging, to hire the one needed expert.


IT Bizz as your partner or; What we can do for you:

  • ProActive IT Services
  • Univention Partner Services
  • Webhosting and Translations
  • predictable cost planning for our Services
  • Solid advise, not sales, but orientated on your needs
  • Virtual 24x7 availability
  • Short response times
  • communication option and service options are available
  • multi lingual
  • modular options


Our on-site visits and remote services can turn your lagging IT into powerful tools. Uptime, performance, administration, modular services and Ad-hoc services. Employ the latest technologies without to worry about who to contact and costs. ProActive IT Technical Services covering, but are not limited to:

  • On-site consultation and services
  • Remote consultation and services
  • Proven technologies
  • Modular services
  • ProActive IT Technical Services
  • ProActive IT Technical Responses
  • Network service Administration
  • Network security
  • Service monitoring
  • Open Source Software


Proven administration, security and support services at predictable cost are the solution. Huge cost saving for most a welcome side effect.

We believe that, no matter what size of business you have, you should have reliable, knowledgeable and reliable services for the technology that runs it. Let us take care of your IT service and support needs, and you’ll see why ProActive IT consultants are so well respected and in demand. Then you finally can take back control of your business. Don't let weak IT systems command, how to run your business.

We neither use*, trade, sell or lay open your personal data** (*Yes, we collect and keep as little, we need, to contact you for ongoing/future services. **Only law enforcement with sufficient authorisation might request your personal data, we hold)

During other times, we translate and/or transcribe or script additional Content, Software and Languages

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