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Univention UCS - Partner Services

What is Univention UCS?

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is the innovative basis for the cost-efficient operation and easy administration of server applications and entire IT infrastructures. UCS is optimally suited to the management of distributed heterogeneous and virtualized IT environments, regardless of whether you employ Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or Linux systems.

The integrated identity and infrastructure management system makes it easy to administrate applications, users and resources. Server and desktop solutions can be administrated centrally and across different locations and platforms via an easy-to-use web interface.

Thanks to its standardized interfaces, UCS can be integrated easily into existing environments. The integrated App Center offers a multitude of enterprise solutions, which can be run or operated virtually with just a few clicks. Extensive Active Directory functions allow integration in Microsoft Windows environments or their replacement.



You can TestDrive UCS ... the UCS Core Edition. Login: Administrator, Pw: univention


Download UCS Core Edition for Free


UCS provides out of the box ...

free usage in a corporate environment and much more. Univention UCS is a full worthy Windows Server Replacement and much more. Several support options, via IT Bizz (we are Univention Partner), a very active and helpful community forum and last via a choice of additional (paid) Support Subscriptions direct by Univention GmBH, a German Software House.


Univention UCS, the ultimate Windows Server replacementMicrosoft Windows support and virtualization

#Services for Windows (Samba) #UCS Active Directory Connection #Active Directory Takeover #Software management network installation #Virtualization with UVMM


Univention UCS, the ultimate Windows Server replacementNetwork & intranet services, printer management and file services

#Virtualization with UVMM #Monitoring with Nagios #Printer management #(Linux) desktop and desktop management


Univention UCS, the ultimate Windows Server replacementSystems management, monitoring, mail and groupware

#Mail and groupware #Central data archive


Open Source Software

Open source applications are generally freely available – although there’s nothing stopping the developer from charging for copies of the software if they allow redistribution of the application and its source code afterwards.

However, that’s not what “free software” refers to. The “free” in free software means “free as in freedom,” not “free as in beer.” The free software camp, led by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation, focuses on the ethics and morals of using software that can be controlled and modified by the user. In other words, the free software camp focuses on user freedoms.

In short; Open Source is not always free.

IT Bizz translates (also see translation), modifies, enhances, recommends for users and corporate needs

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Custom Scripts

Most Scripts, we are writing, use and distribute are so called "Shell Scripts".

A shell script is a computer program designed to be run by the Unix shell, a command-line interpreter.[1] The various dialects of shell scripts are considered to be scripting languages. Typical operations performed by shell scripts include file manipulation, program execution, and printing text. A script which sets up the environment, runs the program, and does any necessary cleanup, logging, etc. is called a wrapper.

The term is also used more generally to mean the automated mode of running an operating system shell; in specific operating systems they are called other things such as batch files (MSDos-Win95 stream, OS/2), command procedures (VMS), and shell scripts (Windows NT stream and third-party derivatives like 4NT—article is at cmd.exe), and mainframe operating systems are associated with a number of terms.

The typical Unix/Linux/POSIX-compliant installation includes the KornShell (ksh) in several possible versions such as ksh88, Korn Shell '93 and others. The oldest shell still in common use is the Bourne shell (sh); Unix systems invariably also include the C shell (csh), Bash (bash), a Remote Shell (rsh), a Secure Shell (ssh) for SSL telnet connections, and a shell which is a main component of the Tcl/Tk installation usually called tclsh; wish is a GUI-based Tcl/Tk shell. The C and Tcl shells have syntax quite similar to that of said programming languages, and the Korn shells and Bash are developments of the Bourne shell, which is based on the ALGOL language with elements of a number of others added as well.[2] On the other hand, the various shells plus tools like awk, sed, grep, and BASIC, Lisp, C and so forth contributed to the Perl programming language.[3]

Other shells available on a machine or available for download and/or purchase include Almquist shell (ash), PowerShell (msh), Z shell (zsh, a particularly common enhanced KornShell), the Tenex C Shell (tcsh), a Perl-like shell (psh). Related programs such as shells based on Python, Ruby, C, Java, Perl, Pascal, Rexx &c in various forms are also widely available. Another somewhat common shell is osh, whose manual page states it "is an enhanced, backward-compatible port of the standard command interpreter from Sixth Edition UNIX."[4]

Windows-Unix interoperability software such as the MKS Toolkit, Cygwin, UWIN, Interix and others make the above shells and Unix programming available on Windows systems, providing functionality all the way down to signals and other inter-process communication, system calls and APIs. The Hamilton C shell is a Windows shell that is very similar to the Unix C Shell. Microsoft distributes Windows Services for UNIX for use with its NT-based operating systems in particular, which have a POSIX environmental subsystem. 

We write scripts for monitoring and control, (semi)automatisation of processes.

Other languages: upon request

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Translation of Content, Scripts & Software

We translate Software, Language files and Content from English or Dutch --> German. Translations are charged per source word at a fixed rate - Soft Files only. 

Related other works, like transcriptions of Audio, Graphics, graphical PDF files will charged per hour and ain't included in translations.

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