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GDPR compliance

To protect us private as well as our customers from the craze of data collection (also known as BIG DATA), we have closed virtually all our social media accounts. Out of experience, this only spam as well extensive advertising for any sort of kunk and SPAM.

I/we really donlt like that.

GDPR, the new 'General Data Protection Regulation' will not improve anything for the consumer, but creating additional to the current abuse, a lot of more problems. GDPR will not increase any protectoion of your data. This is nothing more or less, than a licence for some priveleged corporations to legalize mafia style blackmailing  and pocketing data and/or additional money as well another back door for data hoovers, to spread/trade and sell persnal personal and/or corporate data.

"I can't sell, so I let someone know, how to Hack me and all it costs is a bit 'sorry'.".. " I am a lawyer, you pay or sue you ..." ... I am a goverment (have no education or formal qualifaction or even no clue at all), but I gonna legally sentence you...."

Is it really that what you want or need?

We, our self only collecting the minimal-set of data, to communicate, or provide services with/for you, if, when and where needed and might require additional data, which are required for and/or those , which are needed, to act in your behalf with 3rd party providers, when your orders for products and/or services demand so or legal requirements exist.

To protect your private and/or corporate data, stay away from fashions like clouds, most, if all social media and last, but not limited to the preceding: adapt your IT to standards, which are solid and protective. Sorry for all, who believe in data hoovers like MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK .... They are keys 'hidden' below the door mat or more precise, the key left in the lock.

Data collection/harvesting/hoovering is so common already, that you even might stay in the dark at one time (because someone might disable you light bulbs. Yes, this already did happen) and/or you are the only one, who is not able to access/change/modify your data (you might blocked/banned/barred from somewhere for something, NOBODY understands or been hacked or whatever), whilst the rest of the world can do.

A good example is MICROSOFT WINDOWS, each one look into your window, whilst you pay and can't access you data.

Not for no reason, Microsoft patches the patches whilst moving you(r data) silently and step by step to a cloud (microsoft 365 ... and whatever this all is and might b e called), sucking you data.

Google at least, offers some virtual honeypots, by providing new services (data hoovers).

Mr. Zuckerberg can't sleep since month, not because he is worried about the loss of YOUR data, nope, he can't finish counting the money, he has made from "accidentally loosing" some of your private and/or corporate data.

It's time to change to media, which are secure, reliable and permanently updated in technology and security.

You need to share, make it secure, you need privacy, make it private. Solutions for both exist, some even free, some at low costs.....

High cost solutions usually costing you double and more.

Our social, public accessible blog is you find on https://t.me/itbizznetpublic

A secured channel exists for our customers, who need to transmit sensitive data, you will receive a link upon your request.

Private you reach me and can follow my stuff on https://t.me/OlafSchutze

Don't want to install another app? Use the weblink https://telegram.org/dl/webogram

As a side note: We have and will not change any privacy or cookie policies, as we not trade/exchange data, we have acquired to provide our and 3rd party services, neither we will use/abuse them, to spam you or extensive advertising.

As in privacy stated, this only covers (former and active and none-)customers, which a ZERO/PLUS balance with us, for the periods, having recieved products or cervices from us. Customers with a NEGATIVE balance in our records have no other rights, than bringing up their records to different than NEGATIVE.

If and when rgistered in our customer portal, you can opt-out/ disguise your personal data  via your settings in our customer portal. Active customers are advised, not to change their data in our system, as this might have consequences up to level of disabled and/or corrupt/incomplete services. Restoration from such and/or attempts will be charged at a hourly rate and might have serious down times as consequences!

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