Proactive Customer Support

  • Remote or On-Site

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Network Administration / DevOps

No matter, what what needs to be done. Just get it done without fuss and hassle, whilst up-time and security increases.


We are Univention Partner

The realistic and free-off-costs alternative to any Windows Server, as well as other Open Source Sorporate Software and Corporate Solutions. Yes, UCS is free to use in any corporate and private environment. Go legal and Open Source


Security @ your finger tips

Data get stolen, compromized, shared, sold and destroyed every day. It's not the question if, but when


Core Services

IT Bizz.Net

In IT Bizz.Net it's all about Open Source Software and Linux. Industrial Strength Solutions based on Open Source Software are the keys for security and further development.Talk to us, we are happy to upgrade you for the future.
Yes, it's affordable or even free.


Web and Applications

IT Bizz.Net is a dedicated Service Provider for all your storage needs. We provide from a simple website space via Virtual Server up to Dedicated Servers, managed and unmanaged.

coming soon

Security for applications and network

At IT we pride ourself, that we are aware of virtually all current and past treats to your network(s), application and data. We provide comprehensive solutions, managed and unmanaged tosecure your data and access to it.

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