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  • Big Bang for small bucks
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  • Privacy, Security
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    In theory, you have it already. What goes wrong:

    • Pseudo-Automation archived by human labor
    • Work-flow by multitasking, Copy & Paste
    • Bottlenecks by labor shortage, holidays and sickness
    • Security leaks by interns, friends and shortcomings in security audits
    • Incompetence by hiring, the person in charge doesn't even have a clue, what the job is about
    • Hiring by diplomas, appearance or nationality
    • Management is missing the "third" view

    IT integration is the link between how things are and how they could be: open source, cloud-native, and contributing to revenue.


    Ways, integration can order your environment:

    Build your corporate future and get way from your "Notworks", idle staff and the pressure, to upgrade your hardware every few month. There is no need in copying failed projects over and over, those errors don't just "iron out" by permanent repeats.

    Stop giving your data into the hand of unknown third parties. Consider, that ALL data outside your premises might become a target, for the data, for ransom, by trial and error. The bigger the provider, the more a target and often a victim it is.

    Make sure, that the planned work flow determines, what your IT should be and works for the staff - NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

    IT Bizz provides reliable, secure and seamless integration for all your IT Systems, 3rd-party views, backed up by Re-seller, Software House support and local or remote administration. Yes, when working a longer time on a place, you take all as normal, because it is so, since ever.

    IT Bizz can integrate, take over, homogeneous or mixed IT environments without virtually any down-time or data loss whilst providing ProActive, Active and Passive assistance.

    Real time data processing and communication, reduce security holes, speed up your business and reduce your overall costs, that is, what we do. Total Savings might reduce your costs up to 70%, whilst having warranted services and tax receipts.

    • Deliver an omnichannel experience
    • Integrate cloud-native applications to you own cloud
    • Connect & collaborate with APIs and micro services
    • Integrate SaaS across environments
    • Secure your Network, Applications and Data
    • Use a "third view"

    Side effects:

    • "Obsolete" hardware is not that obsolete, 15 years is still decent
    • Cost reduction in staffing counts and licensing
    • View the weak points from an outsiders view
    • A lot of tasks can be outsourced or made simply redundant
    • Security holes closed