Web, Internet & Hosting

The internet, also called web is the biggest network. It commonly used for all sorts of purpose and it is growing fast. Is the still a business, who can afford, to be without a website? Is the still a multi-national, who not needs to connect their office? The internet, web, makes it possible. Web-TV, VoIP, streaming media, social networks, email ....

IT provides a variety of web related services, beginning by building the website, purchasing the name (TLD) and finally hosing websites under the names of hostbizz.asia and hostbizz.net.

Nobody wants to read/find data, which are out of age. We can drive the traffic you need, to get the step ahed of your competition

IT Bizz will build, provide maintainance and update service for your website

IT Bizz will ensure a steady and ideally permanent rising in of your websites in the serch results

  • a:) by drining traffic to your website
  • b:) a virtual permanent uptime of our servers in Vietnam (VDC2) and Inda (Noida)

Both data centers are brand new, equipped with all the latest technologies and

IT Bizz is you partner, reliable, fast, severs with a realistic uptime well the dream mark of 99.9% uptime; our uptimes/down times are public displayed, uncleansed, unfiltered. Partially fully automated setup and configuration, icluding domain name purchases and transfers, 24x7 help and support via Chat, phone, cutomer portal and knowledgebase

Should, however, whenever a mishap take your website down, we can restore it in short times. We keep your backups up to 4 weeks.

A growth of the visitors on your website is commonly a growth for your business. Speak to your new and existing customers in their language; IT Bizz can translate the content or other software.

If you are interested, please contact us, what we can do for you. All of he above service and products you can pick and mix, to suit your needs. Good hosting and maintainance packages to realistic prices. Visit Hostbizz.asia for truely the best hosting packages, addons and prices and best hosting locations.