The Univention Corporate Server

Features and advantages for users

Intelligent administration concept

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) includes a ready-to-use solution for identity, infrastructure and virtualization management. This solution enables central, cross-location and cross-platform administration via an easy-to-operate web appliance. It also contains many tools and interfaces for the automation of administrative procedures as well as interfaces for the integration of further software appliances.

A single point of administration

With Univention Management Console (UMC) UCS includes a powerful web application, which realises a single point of administration for system administration and domain and virtualization management. UMC is intuitively operable, based on AJAX technology and offers a range of interfaces for the integration of additional functions.

Flexible and easy expandable

The plugin architecture of the UCS management system and different interfaces offer room for further adaptations and expansions. Solutions of customers and third-party manufacturers can thus be easily integrated. All solutions certified for UCS are available to install via the Univention App Center.

Tried-and-tested operating system basis: Debian

The reliable basis of UCS is Debian GNU/Linux. Univention combines the entire Debian repository and additional software packages relevant for professional applications in one complete system. Additional tests and comprehensive quality assurance are used to ensure the necessary reliability for use in business-critical areas.

Platform-independent and manufacturer-independent

UCS supports the operation of Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac OS X in an integrated, centrally administrated environment. Thanks to the exclusive employment of open standards, it is simple to integrate solutions from other manufacturers without problems. The consistent open source strategy from Univention ensures sustainability, security and flexibility for end users and partners.

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