The UCS management system: flexible and simpler administration

UMC overview page

The UCS management system is the central, standardised and easy-to-use management tool for professional IT infrastructures of any size. The sophisticated structure of this cross-system and cross-location management system with its modern web interface allows cost-effective and efficient operation of your IT at all times. Documented and open interfaces allow the simple integration of other infrastructure or software components.

Important features:

The UCS management system can be used as a single point for the administration of users, computers, networks, virtualized systems and many other aspects of IT infrastructure. As a flexible user interface for daily routines a modern web application "Univention Management Console" (UMC) is provided which was optimised to enable intuitive and efficient work. The UCS management system also supports sophisticated environments with many servers and locations and the safety requirements relevant there, such as selective replication. Thanks to comprehensive support of open standards and connectors UCS can be easily integrated in existing environments and be used as the central management platform for a large number of applications.
The UCS management system offers many functions of Microsoft Active Directory and is thus the efficient and flexible alternative for the management of clients on the basis of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7.
Identity management: the basis for IT security and efficient processes

Manage users with UMC

The UCS management system includes a flexible, centrally manageable identity management system. With this central system, users benefit among other things from a single login independently of which services or systems they use. Permissions are defined by role concepts or group memberships.

Even demanding requirements such as the selective replication of only certain user accounts, e.g., at external locations, the integration of cloud-based applications, the setting of high value reports or the connection of customer-specific databases can be realised simply with the UCS identity management system.

Infrastructure management: reliable and secure management of IT infrastructure

The UCS management system contains comprehensive functions for the management of networks and computers as well as the corresponding services. The system allows not only for the simple, central administration of all servers, desktops, notebooks or applications, but also offers extensive possibilities for the delegation of responsibilities and tasks and for the audit-compliant documentation of changes.

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