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Congratulations on entering the world of SALOR Hospitality!

SALOR Hospitality is a professional and universal Point of Sale software for hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

SALOR Hospitality is built on well tested and actively developed open technologies that provide you with freedom of use and choice, and makes sure that those choices don’t empty your wallet.

Unlike most advanced and networked points of sale for restaurants, you don’t have to buy any special hardware for your restaurant. In fact, with some setups, you don’t have to buy any hardware at all. Because with our popular dedicated Software as a Service option, you can rent a SALOR Hospitality installation online and simply connect to it via a browser.

Many of our local installation restaurants started this way and after a few months of using SALOR Hospitality online they were eager to upgrade to a full local installation that doesn’t require a connection to the internet at all.

SALOR Hospitality works with any recent Web Capable Device, and the standard SALOR Hospitality installation comes with 2 or more iPods to use as waiter pads, though any Wifi capable smart phone or tablet will work. Gone are the days when a restaurant owner would have to pay upwards of 900-1,000 Euros for a clunky, ugly touch device for waiter pads.

If you install SALOR Hospitality on a computer (e.g. a mini PC), and connect receipt printers, touch screens and a WiFi Bridge, you will end up with much more than a regular Point of Sale system. Depending on your needs, you can build your own management system for your hospitality business which you can access conveniently from any computer or mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) which is connected to your internal network.

Because you can extend the installation to your heart’s content, SALOR Hospitality helps you to improve the communication between staff in your business, and you will be able to serve your customers much quicker.

SALOR Hospitality sends tickets into your kitchen or bar and makes printing of professional business invoices and accounting reports very easy. This simplifies your accounting work to an extreme degree and you can dedicate more time for more important things: the personal contact with your customers.

You also can generate statistics to see during which business hours your store is most profitable and plan the work hours of your staff according to it.

SALOR Hospitality is a professional Open Source software which you can download for free. If you have enough technical expertise, you can install SALOR Hospitality all by yourself. If you do not like to install it yourself, and to save you some valuable time, we offer you an online subscription and the purchase of pre-configured hardware.