We at IT Bizz Ltd. Co will protect your privacy, at any given time. We wll not trade, sell or publish your private data, you might have submitted to us.

Your data will only be used, in order to contact you, upon your request or as far it might be needed, to finalize a project. 

A project with us does also cover the billing.

All data we might have about you or your company, are those, which you have submmitted. We will however remove them upon your request, if you like to decide so.

Our website uses cookies. They are only used to allow you a smoth browsing on our website and will not collect or send data to us.
Your Visits on our website are only  common monitored, not as individual, in order to obtain an overview, about the usage of our website

Any links from our website to another website, you follow at your own will and responsibilty. We don't take any responsibility for their content, availability or data collection. This links to other websites are for your convienience only and do not oblige you to buy or visit.
Please grant the owners of those listed sites the same fridom.

The above mentined does NOT cover our "Name &  Shame List". To get your data removed from there, you need either:

- to pay the outstanding amount due, including late fees
- recall /aplogise on the same  publicy level  as the discrimination by nationality has been made, or
- try to reach any other agreement with us. 

Your IT Bizz Team