Hard & Software

A combination of hard and software makes up the computer and commonly defins it's purpose. Hardware today comes in a huge varierty of forms, shapes and sizes. No, we do not sell any hardware. IT Bizz is now authorized partner for Univention - Germany. As German run and owned corporation, we strive to make to most of existing hardware.

This is no by recycling old parts and screwing them together, but with utilisation of software and the technolgy trends. Terminal server, file server, cloud server, domain comtroller, active directory, webserver, other application servers, clients ... .

Yes, we are talking software, operating systems and user applications.

Let us introduce you to Univention Corporate Server

ONE server can do that, what others can't combine, despite hight purchase and maintainance costs.

Features and advantages for users

Intelligent administration concept

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) includes a ready-to-use solution for identity, infrastructure and virtualization management. This solution enables central, cross-location and cross-platform administration via an easy-to-operate web appliance. It also contains many tools and interfaces for the automation of administrative procedures as well as interfaces for the integration of further software appliances.

A single point of administration

With Univention Management Console (UMC) UCS includes a powerful web application, which realises a single point of administration for system administration and domain and virtualization management. UMC is intuitively operable, based on AJAX technology and offers a range of interfaces for the integration of additional functions.

Flexible and easy expandable

The plugin architecture of the UCS management system and different interfaces offer room for further adaptations and expansions. Solutions of customers and third-party manufacturers can thus be easily integrated. All solutions certified for UCS are available to install via the Univention App Center.

Tried-and-tested operating system basis: Debian

The reliable basis of UCS is Debian GNU/Linux. Univention combines the entire Debian repository and additional software packages relevant for professional applications in one complete system. Additional tests and comprehensive quality assurance are used to ensure the necessary reliability for use in business-critical areas.

Platform-independent and manufacturer-independent

UCS supports the operation of Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac OS X in an integrated, centrally administrated environment. Thanks to the exclusive employment of open standards, it is simple to integrate solutions from other manufacturers without problems. The consistent open source strategy from Univention ensures sustainability, security and flexibility for end users and partners.

You want to opem an office, extend your office, upgrade your office. IT Bizz is your partner. Let us share our technologies with you. Ask for a demonstration and a quote.

UMC overview page

The UCS management system is the central, standardised and easy-to-use management tool for professional IT infrastructures of any size. The sophisticated structure of this cross-system and cross-location management system with its modern web interface allows cost-effective and efficient operation of your IT at all times. Documented and open interfaces allow the simple integration of other infrastructure or software components.

Important features:

The UCS management system can be used as a single point for the administration of users, computers, networks, virtualized systems and many other aspects of IT infrastructure. As a flexible user interface for daily routines a modern web application "Univention Management Console" (UMC) is provided which was optimised to enable intuitive and efficient work. The UCS management system also supports sophisticated environments with many servers and locations and the safety requirements relevant there, such as selective replication. Thanks to comprehensive support of open standards and connectors UCS can be easily integrated in existing environments and be used as the central management platform for a large number of applications.
The UCS management system offers many functions of Microsoft Active Directory and is thus the efficient and flexible alternative for the management of clients on the basis of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7.
Identity management: the basis for IT security and efficient processes

Manage users with UMC

The UCS management system includes a flexible, centrally manageable identity management system. With this central system, users benefit among other things from a single login independently of which services or systems they use. Permissions are defined by role concepts or group memberships.

Even demanding requirements such as the selective replication of only certain user accounts, e.g., at external locations, the integration of cloud-based applications, the setting of high value reports or the connection of customer-specific databases can be realised simply with the UCS identity management system.

Infrastructure management: reliable and secure management of IT infrastructure

The UCS management system contains comprehensive functions for the management of networks and computers as well as the corresponding services. The system allows not only for the simple, central administration of all servers, desktops, notebooks or applications, but also offers extensive possibilities for the delegation of responsibilities and tasks and for the audit-compliant documentation of changes.

Download and test UCS

Univention Management Console: Rapid and high-performance

Start page of the modern, Ajax technology-based Univention Management Console (UMC), which unites the system administration, administration of domains and virtualization management in one web interface. It offers a convenient single point of administration and a variety of interfaces for the integration of additional functions. UMC module for navigation in the directory service

It is possible here, for example, to create and edit individual structures with containers and different organisational units (OUs) with specific settings as well. The focus is on the administration of objects such as users, computers, groups or networks. The different features of objects are arranged in thematically coordinated groups of settings, which can be dynamically shown and hidden. In this way, even complex objects with many features and settings can be displayed clearly.

Displays and search functions can be preconfigured to suit personal requirements: users can thus preset the most often used search parameters. An important feature of the UMC is the customisable, structured user prompting. This makes it possible for work flows often repeated with the UMC, for example navigation in search results, to be performed more quickly.

UMC module for domain-wide user management

The different attributes for all objects are separated into categories and distributed across tabs. This keeps the web front-end clear and the individual options can be located quickly using the corresponding names on the tabs. All attributes are easy to find, even for objects with a considerable number of setting possibilities, such as user objects.

UMC module for group management

Group administration is used to create, search, edit and delete groups. New and existing group members can be located easily with strong filter functions and added or deleted. Additionally, the assignment of users to groups is also possible directly on the user objects. UCS supports nested groups (“groups in groups”) and the assignment of e-mail addresses to groups too.

UMC module: Univention App Center

The Univention App Center allows the easy installation of software components for UCS. The applications are provided by third-party manufacturers as well as by Univention.

UMC module for printer management

Just like users or hosts, printers are also represented by objects. In the printer object it is possible to specify, for example, printer type and drivers, but it is also possible to define complex print quotas (access restrictions) and page prices.

UMC module for share management

UMC module for configuration and administration of policies

Policy objects are part of a central, strong concept in UCS, which can be used to facilitate the administration considerably particularly in larger environments, but also structure it very clearly in smaller installations. One example for this is the “Univention Directory Manager View” policy, which is used to configure the available functions and views of UMC module “Navigation” even for individual users or groups of users.

UMC module: UCS Active Directory Connector

This UMC module is used to set the most important variable for the application of the Active Directory Connector, the link between the UCS management system and the Microsoft Active Directory uncomplicatedly.

UMC module: UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM)

The UMC module Univention Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM) is used for the central administration of physical servers and virtual machines. Among other functions, UVMM can be used to create, start, stop, migrate and delete virtual systems quickly and simply. Virtualisation servers in a cluster can also be operated centrally controlled with UVMM.

UMC module: Online-Updates

This UMC module is used to install updates simply as online updates or from a local package repository.

UMC module for overview of system services

The "System services" UMC module provides the administrator with an overview of which services are active on the current system. These can be deactivated or restarted via the interface and the standard behaviour following system start can be specified.

If you are an office, agncy, corporation, software house, like to train and practice on new technologies, need one-way computers, than the The Univention Corporate Server might be solution on those neuralgic points;

Reduce your exploding IT and maintainance costs, reduce downtime, take control over the risks, which you bear for staff and co-workers, secure your electronic assets. Finally, you have the option, to get rid off all the counterfied software, malware and viri.

You want to opem an office, extend your office, upgrade your office. IT Bizz is your partner. Let us share our technologies witjh you. Ask for a demonstartion and a quote.

Operating system for PCs, notebooks and thin clients

Flexible and efficient adjustment and administration

Univention Corporate Client (UCC) is a flexible and cost-effective solution for the operation and administration of PCs, notebooks and thin clients in companies and institutions. The software contains an Ubuntu-based desktop environment optimised for business use. In addition, UCC serves as a platform for access to remote desktop solutions and virtualized desktops as well as browser or terminal server-based applications.

UCC can be used to adjust desktops to the respective hardware and use simply and without any complications. The solution can be managed conveniently and efficiently via the web-based Univention Management Console (UMC). In this way, UCC can also be used to realise administrative procedures integrated in existing solutions for users, clients, desktops and rights.

The most important features of UCC

Policy administration for UCC

Reduced administration efforts thanks to fully automatic installation, central update management and integral user and rights management via policies and desktop profiles

Support of many thin client devices and connected hardware

Support of all popular remote desktops and desktop virtualization environments from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and Univention Ideal for use in heterogeneous environments with Linux and Windows desktops Cost-effective in its implementation, maintenance, administration and operation Open standards ensure easy adaptability and simple expansion

All Univention products are 100% Open Source

Test and buy UCC

UCC can be installed, operated and administrated via the Univention App Center in Univention Corporate Server (UCS) with just a few clicks of the mouse. There is also a free test version of UCS available to download in the download section.


Congratulations on entering the world of SALOR Hospitality!

SALOR Hospitality is a professional and universal Point of Sale software for hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

SALOR Hospitality is built on well tested and actively developed open technologies that provide you with freedom of use and choice, and makes sure that those choices don’t empty your wallet.

Unlike most advanced and networked points of sale for restaurants, you don’t have to buy any special hardware for your restaurant. In fact, with some setups, you don’t have to buy any hardware at all. Because with our popular dedicated Software as a Service option, you can rent a SALOR Hospitality installation online and simply connect to it via a browser.

Many of our local installation restaurants started this way and after a few months of using SALOR Hospitality online they were eager to upgrade to a full local installation that doesn’t require a connection to the internet at all.

SALOR Hospitality works with any recent Web Capable Device, and the standard SALOR Hospitality installation comes with 2 or more iPods to use as waiter pads, though any Wifi capable smart phone or tablet will work. Gone are the days when a restaurant owner would have to pay upwards of 900-1,000 Euros for a clunky, ugly touch device for waiter pads.

If you install SALOR Hospitality on a computer (e.g. a mini PC), and connect receipt printers, touch screens and a WiFi Bridge, you will end up with much more than a regular Point of Sale system. Depending on your needs, you can build your own management system for your hospitality business which you can access conveniently from any computer or mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) which is connected to your internal network.

Because you can extend the installation to your heart’s content, SALOR Hospitality helps you to improve the communication between staff in your business, and you will be able to serve your customers much quicker.

SALOR Hospitality sends tickets into your kitchen or bar and makes printing of professional business invoices and accounting reports very easy. This simplifies your accounting work to an extreme degree and you can dedicate more time for more important things: the personal contact with your customers.

You also can generate statistics to see during which business hours your store is most profitable and plan the work hours of your staff according to it.

SALOR Hospitality is a professional Open Source software which you can download for free. If you have enough technical expertise, you can install SALOR Hospitality all by yourself. If you do not like to install it yourself, and to save you some valuable time, we offer you an online subscription and the purchase of pre-configured hardware.