Bill Gastro Server Overview

In 2009, this Point of Sale (POS) software came into being under the name “Bill Gastro”, but after the addition of features for hotels and many new improvements in 2012, it was renamed to “SALOR Hospitality” to reflect its closeness to the hospitality industry as a whole. Both names refer to the same software and can be used interchangeably.

From launch of concept to full operation, SALOR Hospitality was developed with real-time input from waiters, kitchen personnel and hotel administrators in successful business environments.

Thanks to its unique mobile device support, SALOR Hospitality revolutionizes the day to day operation of the Hospitality Industry, bringing businesses large and small into the 21st century. We believe the time has come to combine the newest technology with customer service, taking both to a new level. SALOR Hospitality brings networking and efficiency to your business so that you have more time for what is most important for your business: personal contact with your guests.